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  • Insolence 2014

    Insolence 2014

    Insolence is an ample and velvety wine, with aromas of ripe fruit and spices.

    Insolence benefits from a hot maceration of the grapes in stainless steel vats one day, followed by a cold thermo-regulated alcoholic fermentation, an eco-energetic process patented by the Domaine du Grand Chêne (unique in the world). Typicality and tradition are respected in this modern vinification, favoring the fruit and the structure of our product.

    Perfect match
    Insolence will accompany a beautiful piece
    meat, a filet mignon, a roast poultry or
    an eggplant caviar.

    Cited in the guide Hachette 2017

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  • Méthode Ancestrale Gaillac Brut

    Méthode Ancestrale Gaillac Brut

    In this bottle, the effervescence of our know-how. For more than 1000 years, the Mauzac, a historical grape variety from Gaillac, is naturally predisposed to the elaboration of this ancestral method.
    Notes apple / pear and finesse of the bubbles will awaken your taste buds for all your festive occasions!

    Perfect match
    As aperitif or dessert, for a festive moment
    and friendly.

    Service: 6-8 ° C

    Selected in the guide Bettane et Desseauve 2018

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  • Douce Envolée 2014
    Mauzac - Len de lel

    Douce Envolée 2014

    Soft white. Douce Envolée is expressed on notes of apple, apricot, and final on citrus fruits with a touch of acidity.

    Douce Envolée is the result of partial thinning of the grapevine, a passage through the sun and the wind of autan exceptional. A gravity settling and a thermoregulated fermentation in concrete tanks mark the development of this cuvée, the stoppage of the fermentation is carried out by filtration.

    Perfect match
    Douce Envolée can be tasted as an aperitif, with a cheese
    parsley, a foie gras or a chocolate dessert.

    Silver Medal at the Féminise World Competition
    Bronze medal at the independent winegrowers competition
    1 star at the Hachette 2017 Guide

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  • La parcelle de l'Ortolan 2015
    Sauvignon - Len de l'el

    La parcelle de l'Ortolan 2015

    The Parcel of Ortolan 2015 has a very nice maturity, its nose characteristic of Sauvignon with citrus notes and white fruits (peach, pear) will surprise you. The indigenous grape variety Len de lel brings finesse, a mineral side and notes of exotic fruits.

    The Parcelle de l'Ortolan benefits from a skin maceration, a gravity settling and a thermo-regulated alcoholic fermentation, an eco-energetic process patented by the estate.

    Perfect match
    The Parcel of Ortolan will accompany perfectly seafood and fish.

    Silver medal at the 2016 World Cup competition
    Selected in the guide Dis Vins Editions, in the guide Dussert Gerber
    and in the guide Bettane and Desseauve 2017
    1 star at the Hachette 2017 Guide

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  • Péché de vigne 2015

    Péché de vigne 2015

    Péché de Vigne is a delicious rosé, with notes of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant, it releases a nice acidity at the end of the mouth.

    Péché de Vigne stems from a maceration of the grapes and juice of 24h, from a cold pressing and then from a gravity racking and thermoregulated fermentation in concrete tanks. The aging in tanks on lees was carried out for 2 months with regular sticks.

    Perfect match
    Péché de Vigne is savored with meat
    salads, grilled meats and salads
    gourmet summer.

    Gold medal at the Lyon 2016 International Competition
    Selected in the Dussert Gerber guide

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  • Aristide Julian 2015
    Braucol - Syrah - Duras

    Aristide Julian 2015

    Young, it is appreciated for its aromas of blackberry, currant, strawberry and yellow pepper. Its structure and its noble tannins will allow it to be rounded after a few years.

    This cuvée comes from a strict selection of plots, low yields (30hL / ha). Cold grape maceration, alcoholic fermentation thermo-regulated by an energy-efficient process patented by the domain (unique in the world). Partial aging in old oak barrels.

    Perfect match
    This wine will accompany perfectly beef or duck breast
    grilled or in sauce, escalope of breaded veal or pan-fried foie gras ... to your taste buds!

    Selected in the Dussert Gerber Guide
    Bronze medal at the Gaillac wine competition 2017

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  • Saint Péray 2016 - Fleur de Roc
    Marsanne et quelques grains de Roussanne

    Saint Péray 2016 - Fleur de Roc

    Fleur de Roc is delivered in wooden case.

    Selection of old vines implanted in the most beautiful terraces of the appellation.  Aging for 20% in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats, the rest in new 400L barrels and 4 to 6 wines.T

    Bright pale yellow color with slight green hues. The nose is on minerality and yellow fruits, with touches of white flowers and lemon zest. The mouth is on acacia flower, pear and citrus fruits. We find the freshness and salinity typical of the appellation as well as light notes of vanilla and toasted hazelnuts. The finish is long and elegant with hints of gunflint and grapefruit.

    Perfect agreements
    To serve at 11-12°C with crayfish or asparagus in sauce. But, a creamy fowl, a Mediterranean cuisine suits him just as well. Wine also very pleasant as an aperitif.

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  • Saint Joseph blanc 2016 - Grand Classique

    Saint Joseph blanc 2016 - Grand Classique

    Manual harvest. Aging for 2/3 in 400L casks and rest in vats on fine lees for approx. 7 months.

    Bright pale yellow color with green highlights. The nose is expressive with notes of white flowers, peaches and flint. The palate is tense and balanced with aromas of citrus (lemon, grapefruit), linden and fresh almond. Finale fresh and mineral.

    Perfect agreements
    To be served on meunière and sauce fish, dumplings, seafood puff pastry and creamed poultry.

    Operating temperature
    10-12 ° C

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  • Crozes Hermitage 2016 - Grand Classique BIO

    Crozes Hermitage 2016 - Grand Classique BIO

    Reception equipped with optical sorting and vibrating conquet. Aging in wooden vats (50%), in 400L barrels of 2 and 3 wines (30%) and in stainless steel vats for 7 months.

    Bright red dress with purple hues. The nose is fresh and greedy with notes of berries, white pepper and violet. The palate is perfectly balanced with a fresh finish and fine tannins. We find aromas of red fruits (raspberry, strawberry), sweet spices and licorice.

    Perfect agreements
    Taste at 16-18°C on charcuteries or grilled red meats.

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  • Saint Joseph 2014 - Esprit de Granit

    Saint Joseph 2014 - Esprit de Granit

    Esprit de Granit is delivered in wooden case.
    Traditional maceration in tanks (stainless steel or concrete). Aging in barrels of 400L for 12 months, then final assembly at the tasting, before bottling.

    The color is intense and deep with ruby ​​reflections. The aromas are rich and complex of black fruits, licorice and minerality on graphite. On the palate, a nice amplitude, concentrated and balanced, a nice structure and fine tannins. Length on flavors of black fruits and spices.
    A racy and elegant St. Joseph that will improve in the cellar. Childcare potential of 8 to 10 years to express themselves fully.

    Perfect agreements
    Red meats, game birds (guinea fowl, pheasant) and raw milk cheeses.

    Silver Medal at the 2017 Lyon International Competition. Gold Laurels at the 2016 Macon Contest. Grand Gold Excellence Award at Vinalies 2017.

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  • Cornas 2014 - Grand Classique

    Cornas 2014 - Grand Classique

    Manual harvest of grapes at full maturity. Aging In barrels of 12 to 14 months.

    The dress is deep and intense with purple hues. Intense aromas and greedy black fruits, ripe and sweet spices. The mouth is full and elegant with firm tannins, faithful to the Cornas terroir, with aromas of black fruits, leather and vanilla. The finish is persistent and on the freshness.

    Perfect agreements
    Taste at 16-18°C with a parmentier of pudding with two apples, grilled veal kidneys, quail with grapes, red meats and cheeses.

    Gold medal at the Paris 2016 agricultural competition. Coup de coeur + 2 stars at
    Guide Hachette 2017. Gold medal at the international Wine & Spirit 2017.

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  • Hermitage 2013 - Grand Classique

    Hermitage 2013 - Grand Classique

    Manual harvest. Aging in 400L and 228L barrels of French oak. New barrels and 1 to 2 wines.

    The deep robe with purplish reflections. The nose is complex and reveals a whole range of aromas: sweet spices, blackberry, blackcurrant, Ceylon pepper ...
    Aromatic mouth with a superb tannic presence that extends the tasting with class. The tannin is very fine, still dense on his youth but he signs
    excellent ripeness of the grapes. Persistent finish that knows how to stay elegant, sign of the noble origin of this wine.

    Perfect agreements
    Taste at 16-18°C with a meat in sauce as well as the grilled red meats or simmered. To marry with the duck breast. Beyond 10 years, a red Hermitage is the perfect companion for truffle dishes and soft cheeses.


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  • Crozes Hermitage 2015 - Magnum

    Crozes Hermitage 2015 - Magnum

    Selection of the grape harvests according to the origin and the maturity, harvested stalks entirely. Partial aging in vat, to preserve the purity and the freshness of the fruit and in French oak barrels of 400L, to refine the structure of the wine (between 9 and 11 months).

    The dress is intense and dark, with purple hues. The aromas are racy and powerful of ripe black fruits. In the mouth, nice structure, rich and full, with aromas of ripe fruit (blackberry, blackcurrant), a touch of violet and licorice. The finish on the freshness is persistent.
    A great tasty Crozes-Hermitage!

    Perfect agreements
    Serve at 16-18°C with grilled red meats, roasted poultry, charcuterie ardéchoise, black pudding.

    Silver Medal at the World Wine Awards Decanter 2017. Bronze Medal at the Great Wine Competition of France Macon 2016. Bronze Medal at the International Wine & Spirit 2017.

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  • Brut Absolu
    35% Pinot Meunier - 30% Pinot Noir - 35% Chardonnay

    Brut Absolu

    Refinement and originality is called Absolute Brut.
    The freshness and liveliness of the "0 dosage" was able to appetite and accompany "Absolutely" oysters.




    Description: Bright white gold dress, discreet and subtle nose, dominated by floral scents and fresh fruits (cherry plum, citrus fruit), fresh bread.
    Mouth with fresh and round attack, finely iodized.

    To be consumed within two years between 10 ° and 12 ° C.

    Website access
  • Brut Antique 1er cru
    40% Pinot Meunier - 35% Pinot Noir - 25% Chardonnay

    Brut Antique 1er cru

    Thanks to its aromatic amplitude the brut antique 1er cru sublimated the dry side of the ham during the tasting.

    Yellow gold dress.Nose rich and complex, with a beautiful expression on stewed fruits, honey, gourmet brioche, and dried fruits.
    Fresh palate with aromas of hazelnuts, cherries with brandy and cooked fruits.
    A final note on gingerbread.

    To be consumed within two years between 8 ° and 10 ° C.

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  • Clos du Moulin Brut Rosé Multi Vintage Premier Cru
    55% Pinot Noir - 45% Chardonnay

    Clos du Moulin Brut Rosé Multi Vintage Premier Cru

    heart The Clos du Moulin brut Rosé Multi Vintage Premier Cru was our favorite without exception.
    This champagne of gastronomy has a nose on sweet spices made of complexity and extreme finesse. During the tasting, he revealed the smoked salmon that was associated with him, which surprised us all.
    Exclusively from the Clos du Moulin plot (2.20hectares) located near Chigny les Roses.This vintage is always composed of 3 vintages selected for their qualities and aging capacity.
    Dosed with 7 g of sugar / liter the luminous dress is slightly salmon. The nose is fine and powerful with aromas of chocolate, liquorice and nuts, followed by softer notes such as raspberries, candied oranges and almonds. The structured mouth is elegant and smooth, with a fresh finish and subtle aromas of red fruits.

    It is consumed between 10 and 12 ° C and has an exceptional aging potential.

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  • Clos du Moulin Brut Multi Vintage Premier Cru
    50% Pinot Noir - 50% Chardonnay

    Clos du Moulin Brut Multi Vintage Premier Cru

    In Blanc le Clos du Moulin brut Multi Vintage Premier Cru continued to prove to us that Champagne could be a perfect knight serving red meats. The power, the winey but fresh side was a source of discussion and astonishment.
    Exclusively from the Clos du Moulin plot (2.20hectares) located near Chigny les Roses.This vintage is always composed of 3 vintages selected for their qualities and aging capacity.
    Based on 7g of sugar / liter, this rich, powerful and subtle champagne on the nose, of great aromatic richness, both floral and fruity: lilac, citrus, honeysuckle, dried apricots and also a slight menthol touch.
    Structured and powerful mouth, supported by a beautiful freshness and an incredible length in the mouth which exhales notes of exotic fruits and spices.

    It is consumed between 10 and 12 ° C and has an exceptional aging potential.

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  • Brut Blanc de Noir
    30% Pinot Meunier - 70% Pinot Noir

    Brut Blanc de Noir

    The Blanc de Noir and its amplitude, its ripe and tender fruits convinced us to associate it with red meats, as well as dark chocolate.

    Gold yellow dress. Racy champagne with a very expressive nose. A nice combination of fruity notes (pear, peach, currant) and hints of acacia and linden honey. Powerful and structured palate with yellow and exotic fruit aromas Nice, slightly tannic, with a fresh and tonic finish.

    Dosed at 9 g of sugar / liter.

    It is consumed between 8 ° and 10 ° C. To taste preferably in 5 years.

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  • Cuvée Renaissance Brut Vintage 1er cru
    20% Pinot Meunier - 40% Pinot Noir - 40% Chardonnay

    Cuvée Renaissance Brut Vintage 1er cru

    To allow ourselves sugar with a Champagne, we had to discover and incense the agreement Cuvée Renaissance Brut Vintage 1er cru with tarts with praline (de Montargis).
    heart His discrete attack to start then ample and fresh was our second blow of heart for this Champagne House.

    Dosed at 7 of sugar / liter this Champagne needs to be consumed between 10 ° and 12 ° C.

    To be tasted now or stored in the cellar for up to 10 years.

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  • Cuvée Brut Antique Blanc de Blanc 1er cru
    100% Chardonnay

    Cuvée Brut Antique Blanc de Blanc 1er cru

    It is surprising to associate a Tomme de Savoie goat cheese with a Champagne Blanc de Blanc but in this case the result is very flattering.

    Pale yellow with golden hues.Nez generous with a first note of brioche and toast, quickly followed by floral and sweet aromas (peony, mandarin, dried apricots). A first palate with a beautiful liveliness completed with more buttery aromas and yellow fruits.

    Dosed at 9 gr/l this Champagne needs to be consumed between 8 ° and 10 ° C.

    To be enjoyed within two years.

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  • Cuvée Rouge TROUSSEAU 2015 "Marnes Rouges"

    Cuvée Rouge TROUSSEAU 2015 "Marnes Rouges"

    Discover the "Trousseau à la Dame" grape variety (qualitative selection) grown on Les Grands Roussots terroir and its basement of Marnes Rouges, a favorite of this autochthonous grape variety. An exceptional wine from a solar vintage, powerful and sweet, with rich and elegant tannins ...
    It goes wonderfully with red meats and character cheeses refined with powerful aromas.

    Serving at cellar temperature around 16 ° C. The Trousseau grape allows a conservation of about 15 years.

    - Bronze Medal Concours Général Agricole of Paris 2017
    - Selection guide Bettane & Desseauve 2018

    The opinion of the committee: This emblematic grape variety of the Jura seduced us
    by its imposing presence, its freshness and its fine and delicate presence.

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  • Chardonnay 2016, Vignoble "Les Roussots"

    Chardonnay 2016, Vignoble "Les Roussots"

    Chardonnay from parcels "Les Roussots" (soil of gray clays), vinified in stainless steel vats, with its indigenous yeast, in order to best express the minerality that characterizes this terroir.
    A mineral chardonnay with its perfumes walls (hazelnuts, fruits, white flowers). The mouth is fleshy with a bit-bittersweet touch conferring to the whole relief.

    Perfect accompaniment to salted fish as an appetizer, salads, fish, white meat and fondue Franc-comtoise

    Serve between 12 and 14 ° C. 15 year aging potential

    Selection Guide Bettane & Desseauve 2018

    The opinion of the committee: A certain aromatic accessibility but confusing,
    it is well done but the Jura side could be more present.
    Good introduction to learn the wines of Jura.

    Website access
  • Tradition 2013 Côte du Jura Blanc
    Chardonnay 60% / Savagnin 40%

    Tradition 2013 Côte du Jura Blanc

    The nose is submerged by savagnin flavors. Then the Chardonnay makes its way slowly.
    There are nuts and almonds, fruits and flowers. As for the mouth, with its long finish on the nut, it is fresh and spicy.
    A balanced wine thanks to the freshness of Chardonnay and the opulence of savagnin

    Serve at around 14 ° C. Long aging potential of 25 years

    The opinion of the committee: It has transported us into the expected Jura, the nut side
    "the famous oxidative side" of course but with a nice tension on freshness and fruit.

    Website access
  • La cuvée Edouard 2013 Côte du Jura  

    La cuvée Edouard 2013 Côte du Jura  

    This cuvée is made from Savagnin grape "old vines". The grapes used come from our oldest parcels. The breeding "with ouillage" is made in barrels of Jura oak, specially made for our Domain. This exceptional vintage is a small confidential production.
    An impressive attack, nervous and fresh. A light tannin of minerality, felted with a subtle grain of wood. A powerful, structured mid-palate A balance where acidity gives righteousness that supports the frame. A solid, fresh finish on a power of great nobility.

    Pair with pan-fried St Jacques, truffled celery, hazelnut butter and root crisps. Langoustine in ravioli with yellow wine butter, fennel, green apple and salted caramel.
    Whiting with young leeks, hulls in citrus vinaigrette.

    Serve chilled, around 11 ° C. Keep up to 5 years for its freshness and beyond 10 years with evolution.

    Selection Guide Bettane & Desseauve 2018

    The opinion of the committee: The cuvée Edouard pure Savagin conquered the majority,
    finesse for "this taste of yellow" very well mastered,
    almost discreet but nevertheless fine and present.

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  • Vin de Paille 2013
    Savagnin Chardonnay Poulsard

    Vin de Paille 2013

    This rare, naturally sweet wine (15.5% vol.) Is one of the great French sweet wines. The most beautiful grapes are harvested cluster by cluster at the beginning of harvest from a savant blend of Savagnin, Chardonnay and Poulsard.
    Deposited in shelves on a bed of straw, for about 4 months, the withered and dehydrated grapes filled with sugar are pressed, 100 kg of grapes, will produce 15 to 18 liters of must.

    The fermentation is very slow and the Wine of Straw must age three years in oak barrels. He does not undergo any mutage.

    It will be the star of your aperitifs, Pigeon stuffed with grapes and sweet spices, sublime with Foie Gras and chocolate desserts (Fondant with three chocolates and orange marmalade). Ideal with strong cheeses: Roquefort, Bleu ...

    Straw wine should be served very cool 8 ° C. Custody potential from 15 to 50 years

    The opinion of the committee: A nice entry of mouth made of runny fruits
    that melt with spices to finish in greedy and explosive sweetness.

    Website access
  • Vin Jaune 2011

    Vin Jaune 2011

    Classified among the greatest wines of France, the Vin Jaune is exclusively made from the Savagnin grape variety. Planted on Jurassian blue clays, its aging in oak barrels is 6 years and 3 months, without compensating for the evaporation share of about one third of the volume.
    A veil of yeast is formed on the surface of the wine, and protects it from any oxidation. It is during this long aging that it acquires its spicy aromas of nuts, almonds or curry.
    Sweet and unctuous wine, of great aromatic complexity dominated by nuts, green apples and spices.
    Nice balance for this ample and harmonious wine.

    Aperitif with Comté and nuts, Escargots, Morel crust, cream dishes, Morel rooster, Trout, Crayfish, Frogs, Scallops, Lobster, .. bitter chocolates

    Operating temperature
    The Vin Jaune is served chambered around 16 ° C after 2 hours of opening. 30 to 100 years aging potential.

    The perfect gift for the years of birth.

    The opinion of the committee: An explosion of aromas of ripe fruits,
    dried fruit with an intense concentration that knows how to remain light and balanced.
    The final mouth ends in a vivacity, finesse chiseled and precise !!!

    Website access
  • Macvin du Jura Blanc

    Macvin du Jura Blanc

    Macvin du Jura belongs to the very closed French club of mistelles (or liqueur wines) of AOC, the only one to come from a brandy made from grape marc and not wine. Known since the 14th century, the Macvin du Jura is obtained from unfermented grape juice of the Savagnin grape variety, to which one third of Marc de Jura is added. It is kept to a minimum for 12 months in oak barrels. Beautiful bright and limpid gold dress. Aromas: quince paste, hazelnut, dried fruits, brioche, citrus fruit, candied fruits.

    The Jurassian aperitif par excellence, as a starter with melon enhanced by a thin slice of smoked ham, reduced in caramel with foie gras or as an accompaniment to special ice creams: vanilla, gingerbread, rum raisin, caramel.

    The opinion of the committee: It is fresh, light on the fruit to start then the balance is made
    nd the arrival of the delicate alcohol non-brulee enhances the fruit.


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  • 26 juillet - 31 octobre 2017
  • 01 novembre - 31 janvier 2018
  • 01 février - 31 juillet 2018
  • 01 mai - 31 juillet 2018


  • Les Champagnes Cattier doublent la mise !
    24 avril 2018

    The Cattier Champagnes double the stake!

    The famous house of Chigny les Roses extends its exclusive Champagne offer for members of the WineSupervisor Advantage Club until July 31, 2018.

  • Promo de Printemps au Domaine du Grand Chêne
    16 avril 2018

    Spring Sale at Domaine du Grand Chêne

    To start the season, Aristide Lacombe offers two offers on his online sales site.
    The 6th bottle offered for 5 bought and a discount of 10% on a selection of its wines.

  • Les vins du Jura, la variété d'un terroir
    16 mars 2018

    Jura wines, the variety of a terroir

    For its next tasting, the selection committee turns to Benoît Badoz wines in Poligny in the Jura.

  • Champagne Cattier : une sélection en Or
    01 mars 2018

    Cattier Champagne : a Gold selection

    The blanc de blanc of the Club Advantage WineSupervisor selection received the gold medal at the Chardonnay du Monde 2017.

  • Les Champagnes Cattier à l'honneur
    24 janvier 2018

    The Cattier Champagnes in the spotlight

    The last tasting committee of the Club Advantage WineSupevisor was held on January 15 to discover the range of the Champagne family Cattier in Chigny les Roses (51). A very nice selection will be presented at the club's next private sale from February 1st, 2018.


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